06 November 2009

If I Had..

$1:              I would go to the vending machine in my clubhouse and buy a Coke.
$5:              I would go to Del Taco and get a Classic Chicken Burrito and classic hard taco
$10:            I would buy some chill sweats to wear around the house.
$25:            I would put gas in my car, because the gas light came on today. Boo
$50:            I would buy the 3rd season of Ugly Betty or the 1st season of Mad Men.
$75:            I would buy this area rug I found at Walmart and put it in my living room.
$100:          I would get my hair cut and colored at my usual salon Season's Salon.
$200:          I would buy two of these bookcases from Ikea and stack them to create a bookcase wall.
$500:          I pay my past due car payment. Boo.
$1000:        I would schedule a trip for me and Holli to visit Madi, Bradi, and Kelvin ASAP.
$5000:        I would get a CD or something and earn some interest on it.
$10,000:     I would pay off the Jeep.
$25,000:     I would take my entire family on a month vacation in a very warm climate.
$50,000:     I would pay for Holli to have the interstem surgery she so desperately needs.
$100,000:  I would buy a small fixer upper house with a fenced yard for Tonka to play in.

What would you do?


mike said...

My friend Jay has several of those shelves in his painting studio. They're awesome.

morgan - sunni said...

i love this post. awesome!!!

*JandH* said...

I agree with Sunni. I like this post. Tempted to copy and do it, too.

John Pender said...

I'd throw some money Holli's way.

Clayton Jensen said...

Ok so I'm a little late but I am now officially following your blog. I love your posts!

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