16 November 2009

Things I've never done

-Sang karaoke
-Been bowling
-Been a brunette
-Traveled out of the country (Except Ensenada, Mexico - which I don't think counts)
-Been on a true blind date
-I've never had a temple recommend
-Been skiing, snowboarding, or participated in any cold weather activity of any kind.
-Been to the top of Mt. Timpanogos
-Hiked the Y
-Had a passport
-Broken a boy's heart (that I'm aware of)
-Been horseback riding
-Used a pay phone


morgan - sunni said...

never been bowling? Really? we should go. I have also never hiked the Y or timp. Sad that we live 5 seconds away and have never done that. We should do that too! I bet you would be cute with dark hair. I like this post too!!

*JandH* said...

You're not livin' girl!! I just went dark, like yesterday. It's sassy and fun, I recommend it. I think I've done all the above on your list! WOW, get out there and live! :)

John Pender said...

What is a temple recommend?

Meagen Ridley said...

In order to go inside an LDS temple you need to be worthy of holding what's called a temple recommend. It's like a membership, I guess you could say. You can only have one if you are worthy of it by living your life based on the Gospel and LDS principles. Make sense?

LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

I was going to say, Having Sunni as a friend in high school that sounds untrue!! Lol!
Darling, you need to get out!

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