19 May 2010

My hips hurt

Actually, hurt is an understatement. It's almost unbearable. I don't know the exact number, but I know for certain I have had more than 25 injections of Phenergan/Promethezine in my hips over the last 4 weeks. As a result, I am not nauseous, but I absolutely can not touch my hips or lay on either side. My hips are red, bruised, and extremely swollen. They hurt so badly I am wondering if there is infection or something? I don't know. My Dad administered most of them and he's been giving injections to my Mom for over 10 years, so I know we did them all correctly. We followed all the precautionary steps, everything was always sterile and clean, but there is risk of infection with any injection you get. I'm going to be brave and post these pictures of them. Anyway, I'll probably end up at the doctor again tomorrow if they still hurt this badly. Boo.

1 comment:

J N H said...

Alternate ice and heat for about 8min each. walk around, get the blood flowing through that area. Or ride a stationary bike. That's what I'd like to suggest. :) Hope it gets better. Sounds pnfl.

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