17 May 2010

Home Health IV Program

So I haven't been able to keep food in me for over a month now. I either throw it up or it goes the other way about 15 minutes after I eat. My stomach cramps up and I am really nauseous and I am very dehydrated. So my doctor put me on the Home Health IV Program. Basically, I am on fluids and IV medications at home to keep me from dehydrating. Nurses come out and check my vitals and change the IVs when needed and draw blood. They will also administer the Phenergan shots in my hips so my Dad doesn't have to. So I have an IV in and I have just been crashing at my parents house this last week. I'm staying at my parents because we are thinking it could be something in my apartment making me sick. Sounds crazy, but we are having it tested for everything: mold, bugs, meth, drugs, etc...

Anyway, the anti-nausea medicine has to be administered in my hips. I am getting them every 6 hours. Needless to say, my hips are just knots. They are so tender, I can't really lay on my sides. But this being my 2nd round of treatment on the Home Health IVs I've figured out a few things.
This is my IV Pole - I call him Pete

Pete takes up a lot of space so sometimes I don't want to have to drag him everywhere I go around the house, especially in the bathroom, so I just hang the bag on the shower curtain loopy holder

This time around I have had to have a new IV put in 4 different times. They just get bumped and tugged on and then they won't drip properly, so we tape it down best we can like this:

And then I cut the top off a tube sock and make a little sleeve with a slit for my thumb. It's a pretty good system.
I was supposed to be on the IVs for 5 days, which means they should come out tomorrow night. I am feeling a lot better. I haven't thrown up and food is staying in me a lot longer. Hopefully I can be discharged tomorrow or Tuesday. I've got lots of packing and organizing to do for Operation: New Home! Have a great week everyone!

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