05 September 2011

Day 2

I went to bed at about 11:00PM last night and slept until about 4:30AM. I am trying to taper down my usage until I'm not taking any more meds instead of just stopping cold turkey. (Side note: I hate the term "cold turkey". What does that even mean?) So, according to the master plan I could have/was supposed to take a pill last night when I went to sleep, but in all my over-achiever glory I decided to see if I could make it through the night without it. So I lasted until 4:30AM and took one. The pain in my back woke me up at about 8AM. So this morning isn't awesome, but I am not in agony. My back is on fire and I might try to get in the tub for a bit to calm it down. And my head is really congested. My eyes keep watering and I have sneezed like 15 times. I know I don't have a cold, it's just part of the process.

Things I absolutely could not live without right now: Tonka and Design Star. And Gatorade. Guys, everyone should get a dog. They just know things. Tonka has not left my side since I got in bed last night. And he's not being annoying play with me! Play with me! -Tonka. He's just being sweet, cuddly, I know you feel like shit Mom, Tonka. :) He's the best.

Thanks to everyone that has texted or made comments of support. I appreciate it.

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