15 March 2010

Cute Old Couple

Oh man, this is adorable! I'd have to live to be like 107 years old to be married 62 years, and at least 108 to learn to play the piano, but still something to strive for, right? Right? Ha ha, I found this sweet vid on a new reader's blog (actually I shouldn't assume she's now a "reader") rather a new commenter Amy Spencer, author of Meeting Your Half-Orange. You can purchase her book and read her blog here. If you're single check it out, pretty interesting stuff girls, and like one boy.

Also, on a completely off topic subject, I'm considering creating a budget for items like this and this, and then reviewing them on the old bloggeroo because 1) I'm a big supporter of the out of box thinkers. B) I know my single purchases and reviews would increase their sales and keep a few people employed just a bit longer. 3)They are just too fab to pass up! And I know right now you are more concerned that I'm thinking of a budget rather than my purchasing of said items. Ha! I'm growing up folks, watch me go.

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