15 February 2010

Job Update

So I got a job. The end. Ha ha just kidding. I started at SOS almost 3 weeks ago and I really love it. There is so much for me to do every day and I am learning all sorts of new stuff. Granted, it's all technology-nerdish stuff, its still valuable.

I am the Administrative Assistant to the CIO of SOS Staffing headquaters. which means I go to a lot of meetings, take a lot of notes, and remind people to do a lot of tasks. I also book travel, create PO's, make purchases, manage calendars, so on and so forth. All fun things I enjoy doing for a company that creates employment avenues for the unemployed. Great thing to be a part of when so many people are looking for work.

We've got a lot of big exciting projects that we'll be working on the in upcoming months and I'm grateful to be a part of them. My boss will be doing some work in our Hawaii office next week (poor him) so I will be shadowing a local branch for a few days to get a feel for how things work in the field. I'm pretty excited to do that. Anyway, I'm really happy to be working, the commute isn't as bad as I anticipated and I get my first full paycheck this Friday! YAY!


John Pender said...

I'm so happy for you! :)

morgan - sunni said...

thank you for finally writing about it!! haha love you

LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

I'm supposed to be starting with the Census soon. It goes through the summer...then I will need work. Do you do any job placement or stuff like that? I was jobless a YEAR!

Meagen Ridley said...

Yeah girl, it just depends on the position. You can stop by our Orem branch and they will hook you up with something temporary, could turn into temp to hire. Be sure to mention you were referred by ME! The Orem office is next to Sizzler on State in the brown buildings. Text me if you want the exact address.

On a side note are you guys still doing stuff for your cousin that was injured Afganistan? I was thinking I would like to donate all of the stuff (or what's left) Holli and I have on www.yogozboutique.com for you to sell at the next auction and then you can just keep the funds. Let me know and I'll gather it up and get it to you.

Love you!

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