26 February 2010

Crack laced pudding!

Meagen: Not to changing the subject
but Mike just left...
and someone left a tupperware full of pudding on the doorstep...
Who does that?
WTF am I supposed to do with mystery pudding?

Madi: so what are you going to do about the pudding?

Meagen: I just put it in the fridge

Madi: I am sure it was from a neighboor
or at least...
i hope so
dun dun dun

I know, right?
What if it was from a crack dealer?
And he was like ooh I'll give this girl pudding with a little bit of crack in it
and then she'll be hooked
and then she'll be like ooh give me more
and then I'll like have to find him
and he'll be like my crack dealer

Madi: Well at least you got some free tupperware woogoo



John Pender said...

Wow. That's totally random.

Holli said...

You know how mom does the ghost poop every halloween? Well maybe this is a ghost leperchaun who shits pudding! The glade leperchaun!

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