17 August 2011

Garden Veggies!

My Dad has a serious green thumb this year! I'm not sure what he did but the garden has never grown like this. The plants are overflowing their boxes! I gathered all of this just today. That's 50 jalapenos! Yellow cucumbers, regular cucumber, tomatoes, and zucchinis. I don't know where that really large zuch came from.. I go out there about every other day and my Dad is out there everyday. Somehow we both missed it for this long.
Today's picks

Zucchini Plant - it looks prehistoric to me. Dinosaur food maybe?
 Lemon Cucumber

 Garden boxes - these boxes are 3x8-ish. Those plants are taking over the yard!
 Today's pick
 HUGE Zucchini

1 comment:

tiffany said...

looks good though! i didn't plan a garden this year and am very sad.. looks like you can make lots of zuchinni bread!!

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