25 July 2010

California Trip

I ran away from Utah for about two weeks and it was a very much needed trip. I rode Amtrak from Provo to Roseville and it was awesome. The train is huge! The seats are enormous and recline all the way back, it was nice and cool, quiet, and there are outlets to plug in all my shit. So I watched Sopranos for a few hours and then took two Ambien and slept really well and when I woke up I was there! AND I got to cross it off on my Things to Do Before I Die list - which is cool since I haven't been able to do that in a while.

So I went to Cali and stayed with my Mom. We laid by the pool and relaxed. She took me to a few cool stores and we went to the Galleria Mall for a few hours. I also got a tour of a local firehouse from my Mom's friend. It was really cool to see the ins and outs there. I had two dinners at my Grandparents and we figured out I haven't been there in 13 years. We went fishing/boating one morning and I made friends with this little duck. I fed him a few rolls and he'd just follow us around.
I also got to spend some time with Madi, Brady, and my nephew Kelvin. I loved seeing them! Kelvin has grown so much since I last saw him. He is just the sweetest little boy, I wanted to bring him home with me! Kelvin sat in my sleeping spot with me for like 3 hours one day, just hanging out watching United States of Tara. Seriously, he's the coolest kid EVER. I mean really, look at that face.
The last night I was there we went to the theater and saw Iron Man 2. I really liked it! Except I think something was wrong with their AC because I was melting in the theater. Ugh. After the show we went to eat at the Elephant Bar. It was pretty good, I've never been there and their menu is huge!

The train ride back was not as enjoyable as getting there. We were stopped outside of Elko, NV for almost 3 hours and that made me arrive into Provo almost 6 hours later than anticipated. It made for a very, very long ride. Luckily I had some shows (Sopranos, Grey's, Breaking Bad) and a good book to keep me occupied. I hope to make it back out to California soon. Maybe in the fall for my birthday! YAY!

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John Pender said...

You know, I've always wanted to ride Amtrak! Last year I was thinking about taking a trip somewhere just to say I've been on a train ride.

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