24 July 2009

In case you didn't know..

This is my very best little buddy, Tonka!! I love him. He has lots of names like Tonka-Man, Tonka-Monster and Tonk. He is 10 months old, 18 lbs, and is a miniature dachshund. Did I mention I love him? He hates going on walks, he loves to chew on plastic and my brand-spanking-new-pair-of-sandals-that-I-didn't-even-get-to-wear-once, and he always rips the squeakers out of all his toys. He likes to sit in the sun, chew on straws, and go on car rides. His favorite treats are knee-bones and piggy ears and he loves me no matter what. He loves me even when I don't take him on walks for three days, when I spank his bottom, and when I yell at him for barking incessantly. And I love him even when he won't go on walks for three days, he chews up the carpet and I spank his bottom, and when he barks incessantly.

Today was weird with him. He hasn't been on an official walk in a few days and I could tell that he was getting a little antsy. When I tried to leave after lunch he ran outside on the breezeway twice and once I finally got him in he scratched at the door as I left, he never does this. He's an inside dog and he loves it, so I was a little surprised that he wanted out so badly. So anyway, when I got home from work I leashed him up and out we went. He went nucking futs! He was running all over, sniffing everything, chasing bugs, and he even ran out into the little grass "bowl" in the courtyard! We had so much fun. I was trying to take lots of pictures with my iPhone to remember this rare occasion and I got some really good ones too!

I was laying on the grass with his leash around my wrist and somehow he got away and the pictures are hilarious! I wasn't intentionally trying to take them, at this point, I was running after him trying to catch his leash. I did finally catch him and he had a big fat grin on his face! How these pictures took while I was running I'll never know, but I'm glad I have them!
See, he ran away! Look at his ears ha ha!

This is just a cool picture of my foot as I frantically ran after The Monster

Anyway, afterward I took him to the pet store and got his nails trimmed and his teeth brushed. He got new toys and treats and by the end of the day he was one happy dog. Oh I bought him a new harness too, and I think he loves it! I took him on another walk when we got home and he just knew he was a little bad ass in his new harness. I love his guts!
All the girl dogs want me, Mom

I have been thinking about getting another dog this week. I just want another little guy for Tonka to play with while I am gone. I've always wanted two dachunds to name Tank and Tonka (AWW!). Tonka had a sister that I should have bought when I got him. But she would have been another huge chunk of money and you can't name a girl Tank. Someone should talk me out of this quickly! Anyway, just wanted to show off my cute little dog and the pictures! I hope everyone has a happy Pioneer Day!


John Pender said...

I had no idea the iPhone could take such good pictures!

Meagen said...

Neither did I! I don't even have the 3gS with the improved camera. I mean, I'm no photographer, but those are pretty impressive pictures from a camera phone. I'm excited to see pictures of the turtles! I love turtles.

Meagen said...

PS My leg looks HUGE in that photo. I swear it's not that big.

Julie said...

Two dogs is a must! Paxton and Jasper are so sad when they are apart from each other!

Meagen said...

I knew I should have bought Tonka's sister. I'm thinking a pomeranian...or a yorkie! I have to have small doggies because I don't have a yard. Thoughts?

Jeff and Bo said...

I have always wondered where you got Tonka. My step daughter bought a little girl named Penny from Animal Ark the exact time you got Tonka. Maybe she has Tonka's long lost sister!!! Shelle

-nickk and whitleyy- said...

here's my two cents. two dogs get into ALOT more trouble when you're not home!!! When we just had trio, it was fine he was a great dog BUT we got Arson and it was like they just raised hell TOGETHER. we came home one day to find the vacuum chewed up! the whole thing! ughhh.. i know that my dogs were bigger and could do things like that but do you really want MORE carpet chewed up??? hahah... i say, no. lol one dog is plenty. specially tonk. he's to cute to have any of the attention off of him.

Meagen said...

Shelle, I wonder if Penny and Tonk are bro/sis? That would be crazy!! We could have a reunion! I got Tonka from Animal Ark on Nov 20, but his liter was born Sept 19. OMG I would love if they really were related! I always wonder what happened to his sister.

Whitley, they ate the whole vaccuum! HAHAHAH! Thats one expensive chew toy! Yeah you have to assume with two there would be twice the destruction...but I want one sooooo bad!

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