21 October 2011

Me circa October iPhone Pictures

Hii! I'm still here, just super busy! So here's what I've been up to circa iPhone pictures.

My Dad and I went to Aussie Pink Floyd. OMG it was AWESOME! I loved it! 
And he sucks at picture taking. Haha. 
I cut my hair! And I love it! My friend Nikki did such a good job! 
 Nutella. It has a gold seal so you know it's good.
 I broke in these boots. They are bad ass. 
These are the boots I will wear when I am an old lady, like in Sons of Anarchy
Don't laugh. I'm totally serious.
 Work: Been there a month and I love it! I'm busy all the time and my coworkers are the best! 
I listen to Adele and Mumford & Sons exclusively now. Seriously, exclusively. 
I love them so much I can't even handle it. 
If you don't have these two albums you are cuhrazy. 
Go buy them ASAP.
 I do artwork now. That's hanging above my bed and I wish it were bigger. That's what she said. BOOM.
 I still love this little shit.
I'm reading these books. I'm also cooking and redecorating my room/bathroom, 
but I'll do separate posts for those. Stay tuned!


LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

I love those BOOTS!

Where did you get them?

Life sounds good, Meagen!


Meagen Ridley said...

Thanks laci! I got them at Maurice's!

Chelsea Nielsen said...

Ok, so I LOVE so much in this blog..


1. The hair!It's so darling short!!
2. I'm sure I'd love Nutella.. I keep hearing how yummy it is and try to buy it at Walmart but they've been sold out. It is now my mission to buy that little sucker. My mom told me to never try it cause I'd be HOOKED! lol.
3. The BOOTS! I love boots and these are so friggen cute. Well done.
4. Adele!! Enough said.
5. Artwork in your room. Totally beautiful. I love that kind of stuff.
6. And of course Tonka is such a cutie!
Ok, that is all.

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