16 November 2010

Sisterly Advice

Me: I want to date a cowboy. I've decided that i am not going to look for a good guy or THE guy anymore. Just types of men I want to date I.E. a cowboy, a marine, etc.
Madi: Oooh I like it
Me: I know right? I mean I've dated the baseball boys and a fireman already
Madi: Ew. Go for nerds. They are the best
Me: hahaha
Madi: Seriously. Do you think I'm kidding
Me: No I don't hahaha that's why it's so funny
Madi: You don't know what it is like to always have a nice computer. Never have a broken 
phone, computer, anything again. It's wonderful. Go for the computer nerd! Only way to go!
Me: Hahaha
Madi: It's genius advice. It's tricky to find a cute one though. They are out there. Keep the faith. Start playing video games....seriously....boys will be lined up around the block....don't play Halo though. That's totally gay. Play real games like Gears of War.
Madi: I'm not joking about playing Halo, no one wants another "Halo Girl" VOMIT. We need more Gear girls wahooo!


LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

I'm sure you and Holli know too well how crappy heath issues are.
I love that you two read the blog and keep me motivated. Thanks for that!
Can we get together soon??
Hopefully I don't die soon, but I'll try to stay alive long enough for us to hang out. Call Kristi too!!
I miss you!
Don't cut your hair, you will regret it.

I hate that I can't put it in a pony-tail, everyday I have to "do" it. Luckily when I sleep it doesn't mess too much!

I miss you, Hope to see you soon!!!

Kristina said...

i vote cowboy (or farmboy) cuz they wear wranglers & cowboy hats... need i say more ;)

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