24 October 2010

KK and Step Up for Down Syndrome

I love my nephew Kelvin Kyler Love!! YAY! He's pretty much the cutest thing to ever walk the earth! Except he's not walking yet ha ha. Anyway, made another last minute trip to California and I got to spend a few days with him. He is just the happiest little guy, I love it! We got to participate in the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk in Sacramento and it was really fun, this is where I took this picure. Also at the walk I got registered on the Bone Marrow Donor list, which is cool. So if you need some marrow maybe you can have mine! AND I saw a dog with honest to god dreadlocks. I took pictures of him/her/it but they are on my camera and I forgot the cord so I'll add them later. Needless to say, this dog was awesome! I miss my dog and I can't wait to get home and see the Tonka-monster!


the lindsays said...


So neat that you are a donor. That is about the most giving thing anyone could ever do. Here is a link to a blog of a young girl Erika knows that goes to Mountain View. She will be needing a transplant. You might enjoy her story and follow her progress.

Meagen Ridley said...

Cool thanks! I'm really excited to be on the list, I'd love the opportunity to help someone get healthy again!

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