20 April 2010

I had a Mole Removed

I can't sleep because my crotch/groin hurts. I just put an ice pack on it. I'm sure I look similar to a boy that has just been kicked in the nuts, but that's okay. Yesterday, I had this mole completely removed. The one that has been giving me so much anxiety, it's gone. The one that convinced me I had skin cancer. The mole that told me I could never be in the sun again, that I, ME, MEAGEN RIDLEY, could never go tanning EVER AGAIN. Yeah, I cut that bitch right out. I may have over exaggerated a bit there, but I was feeling all of that to some extent. I don't feel out of the water yet, and we will know more after it's sent to the lab for further testing, but I do feel a little better just having it gone.

The incision is in the worst possible spot thought and it really kills. Its right along my underwear line, Ive been trying to wear boy short cut ones but they don't seem to make much of a difference. So I won't know the final results for another few days, but the doctor was optimistic and said that it was good we got any abnormalities out as quickly as we did.

So without further adieu, here are the pictures of my incision. ***Warning: They are slightly pornographic-given their area, but I Magic Marker'ed out all the scary parts. Ouch! Don't ever get a mole on your groin, it really hurts when the time comes to have it removed! PS: The incision is like 6 times as big as the mole was. I dunno why they had to do a slice it so long? I guess to make sure they get it all out. Which is good, but I wasn't expecting to see it after all was said and done.


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

that looks freakin' miserable!!!

LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

So, I have grown up with melenoma moles. My mom passed that crap to my sister and I. Last year I had one removed on my boob, I thought I was butchered...but my hell, you sure did!
Who is the doctor? That is the stupidest incision ever! And I'm sure it was real akward having it looked at then removed. Wow! That sure blows!
You'll be fine. You'll get your wonderful summer tan...just check yourself often and you'll be ok.
Erika and I get them on our head, like in our hair...Both of us had a surgery to remove some cancer when we were both young.
I feel your pain, just not in the same place!

John Pender said...

Sexy! :)
Magic markered what?

PeerMurphy said...

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