07 December 2009


I've spent the last several weeks trying to figure out what I want. In life, in love, in the future. And all I can conclude is that I want more. I want more than Doba would ever offer, I want more than Chris was ever capable of giving, I want to be bigger than I think possible. I just want more.

I want a job that I enjoy going to each day, I want to be challenged. I didn't have either of those things the last year I worked at Doba and I knew it. Part of it was on me, I think the other part was the direction of the company. There wasn't any more oomph, employees were no longer first on the list and things just changed. I didn't enjoy it any more.

I want to be with a man that makes me a priority. I want to be all they think about. I want to be needed. I want someone that pushes for our relationship to move forward. I want someone that stands up for me. I want a man that is proud to be with me, someone that shows me off, instead of dating me only when convenient for them. I want a guy that takes me someplace wearing a suit. I mean good god, I've never been anywhere where a suit and tie was dress code. That request may be small and insignificant, but I want it. I deserve more than the guys I've dated the last 3 years.

I want more from life. I want to be really happy. I want to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning again. Instead of having to give myself a pep talk just to get into the shower. I just want more, and I don't know exactly what it takes to get it, but at least I have a goal now. Improvement in itself.


John Pender said...

Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work again.
Can't help you in the love department.

Anonymous said...

i went without a job for a while, as nice as it was at first, getting to sleep in and stuff? it really sucks. I know how you feel. I know something great will come along for you though! You deserve nothing but the best. A great job, and a great guy that will treat you like you deserve! Don't ever settle!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

GREAT post! We are deserve the BEST of everything, it is nice to see when people realize it. =) Good luck in everything that you do!

morgan - sunni said...

megs, please come help me pick out a name for our puppy. Tonk needs to meet him too!! I bet they will be best friends!!

ALSO, I really want you to be happy. I have finally understood my own happiness and more than anything I want that for you. I want you to meet a man that treats you amazing and can take you to a dress code dinner. I want someone to spoil you and truly puts you first. You deserve it more than anyone I know. I truly hope for the best for you.

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