12 September 2012

4 Ways My Birthday Will Be Awesome

Let's talk about the ways my birthday (on the 22nd) will be awesome this year shall we?

1. iPhone 5. Rumored to start shipping Sept 21. I've got a 3Gs so I am a few versions behind. So ready for an upgrade!

2. New Justin Timberlake Movie. I don't care what anyone says. I love movies he's in and his music. Trouble With The Curve comes out Sept 21.

3. New Mumford and Sons. OMG I have waited so very long for this. Their new album Babel releases Sept 24th.

4. New Jake Gyllenhaal movie. LOVE him. End of Watch also comes out Sept 21.


Rose Carollo said...


I came across your blog while I was searching "moon face" because I have developed a moon face from my prednisone medication and I want to legit CRY hide in my room!

Did yours get better once you came off of it? I'm so depressed!


Meagen Ridley said...

Hi Rose,
Yes it will go down o once you stop taking the medication. What are you taking it for? There are other steroids with less side effects. Ask your doctor.


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