05 July 2011

Life List Updated

I made some changes!
Fly first class
Ride in a submarine
Name a star
Eat pineapple in Hawaii
Fall head over heals in love
Ride in a train
Visit New York
Be an inspiration
Culinary Arts School
Kiss on a bridge
Get a tattoo
1000 DVDs
Read Mein Kampf
Go to a World Series game
Visit the big sycamore tree in Indiana
Ride in the Tea Cups
Go to the end of a rainbow
Attend a taping of The Price is Right
Go to the top of a lighthouse
Ride in a hot air balloon
Attend Mardi Gras
Learn Spanish
Learn to knit for reals
See the Golden Gate Bridge
Eat at a Gordon Ramsay Restaurant
See a space shuttle launch
Learn to ride a motorcycle

1 comment:

John Pender said...

I know a great culinary arts school that would be happy to have you!

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