30 August 2010

Brain Dump

I'm bored, like really bored. I've cleaned and vacuumed my bedroom, the TV room, the living room, and the kitchen (twice). I also cleaned my sister's room while she took a bath. I've done 4 loads of laundry with 2 more in the shoot. I took the meat down for dinner tomorrow. I've walked both the dogs, three days in a row. I gave myself a pedicure. I've watched more movies and TV shows than I could ever dream of wanting to watch. I've started my favorite book for the 3rd time.

Without my Ambien I sleep every other night. This is my non sleep night and I have nothing to do. I started a "sleep journal" actually it's more like a "lack of sleep journal". Tonka doesn't sleep with my anymore. He sleeps on a pillow in the living room until about 3AM when he gets so cold he wanders into my bed looking for warmth under the covers.


John Pender said...

Boredom is hitting hard here too. I find myself making up things to do lately. It's starting to get old. I need something to do!
As always, feel free to come over here and clean. The company is always welcome.

Meagen Ridley said...

I was so bored I asked Holli if I could do her laundry. BLAH.

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